Here you will find a list of resources relating to Pacific migration stories and Asian Canadian heritage.

For UBC Resources, visit:

the Chung Collection for Wallace and Madeline Chung’s collection on Chinese Canadian history

ACAM for multimedia projects created by students of the new Asian Canadian Asian Migration Program


For digitizations of multicultural artefacts, visit:

Multicultural Canada


For early Chinese Canadian Christian history, visit:

– ReGeneration: an upcoming exhibit at the Carey Centre at the Carey Theological College


For National Film Board films related to migration stories in Pacific Canada, visit:

– Third Heaven: on the community of Vancouver’s Hong Kong Chinese

– Sleeping Tigers – the Asahi Baseball Story: on the Asahi baseball team in pre-Word War II Vancouver and the age of Japanese internment

– Bella Bella: on the Bella Bella First Nations on Campbell Island, whose culture and independence began to disappear with the coming of first settlers


For articles on the need for a Museum of Pacific Canadian Migration, see here:

Family Stories Live On Through Our Museums, by Todd Wong

National Centre Needed to Celebrate Pacific Immigrants by Ingrid Parent and Henry Yu

We Need to Extend Pier 21 Across Canada by Laura Madokoro

For Asian Canadian arts and culture as well as a timeline of Asian Canadian history, visit:

–  explorasian




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