Here you will find a list of resources relating to Pacific migration stories and Asian Canadian heritage. Click here for an extensive list of anti-racism resources.

Click here for PCHC-MoM President Wendy Yip’s statement in solidarity with VAFF’s Elimin8hate campaign.

On March 21 2021 – International Day Against Racial Discrimination – PCHC-MoM Society and CCPA-BC co-hosted the launch of Challenging Racist “British Columbia”: 150 Years and CountingClick here to download this free resource and watch the book launch here.

See below for Pacific Canada resources by partner organizations:

For Anti-racism resources, visit:

  • Elimin8hate by VAFF for community support and anti-racist resources

For First Nations’ resources, visit:

For Asian-Canadian resources, visit:

  • Asian Canadian Wiki for an interactive website dedicated to promoting the Asian Canadian communities

For UBC Resources, visit:

  • ACAM for multimedia projects created by students of the new Asian Canadian Asian Migration Program

For Japanese Canadian resources, visit:

For Jewish Canadian resources, visit:

For South Asian resources, visit:

For digitizations of multicultural artefacts, visit:


For Chinese-Canadian author resources, visit:

  • In Memory – Wayson Choy:  Tribute to Vancouver-born author Wayson Choy (1939-2019) hosted by PCHC-MoM and the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop

For the 1907 Anti-Asian Riots history, visit:

  •  360 Riot Walk: An audio-visual experience developed by Henry Tsang

For National Film Board films related to migration stories in Pacific Canada, visit:

  •  Third Heaven: on the community of Vancouver’s Hong Kong Chinese
  • Bella Bella: on the Bella Bella First Nations on Campbell Island, whose culture and independence began to disappear with the coming of first settlers

For articles on the need for a Museum of Pacific Canadian Migration, see here:

For oral history resources, visit:

For Asian Canadian arts and culture as well as a timeline of Asian Canadian history, visit:

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