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Why get involved with PCHC-MoM?

The Pacific Canada Heritage Centre will be the only museum of migration on the west coast of the country. In order to learn about the history of our Pacific migrant ancestors, we must travel all the way to Pier 21, where the focus, due to its placement, is upon Atlantic migration. But the stories of Pacific migrants and of our hosts, the First Nations peoples, must also be told.

PCHC-MoM offers a solution. We will gather the stories of Pacific migrants and descendants, bring different people together into a intercultural network, and eventually establish a museum of migration to tell untold stories.

How do I get involved with PCHC-MoM? 

So far, there are a few ways in which you can help PCHC-MoM on our way to our goal:

1) Programming Partner Testimonials and Endorsements

We are looking for volunteers who have helped with out past events to give us their testimonials. We may feature your testimonial on our webpage if you contact us through our Contact Page! We are also looking for endorsements — we are not yet looking for donations, only your words of support! Message <> to figure out how.

2) Ricepaper/PCHC-MoM Partnership

Keep an eye out for PCHC-MoM partnership issue with Ricepaper Magazine, with the theme of “Roots” (released Fall 2015). Please subscribe to Ricepaper or buy an issue at to support our dream!

3) Use our Services

PCHC-MoM is working to nurture migration stories and foster intercultural interaction by lending our services to smaller organizations who need help with their work. Whether it be promotion, manual labour, language help, research needs, or other, please let us know how we can help you get your stories out there! Message <> to find out how.

4) Volunteers

Would you like to volunteer with PCHC-MoM? Message to learn about our volunteer opportunities!

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