Sign our beautiful book of endorsements and your name could go down in history!

PCHC-MoM is currently filling two journals with the names of our wonderful supporters, where they can share their thoughts and feelings on the dream of a Pacific Canada Heritage Centre – Museum of Migration. We hope that one day these books will be housed in the museum, for generations to come and read about our earliest supporters, or perhaps find the handwriting of their very own ancestors. Message our marketing and event coordinator at <pchcmom.events@gmail.com> to learn how you can sign our books! All languages welcome, no donations required to leave your name!

Below are just a few of the signatures in our books:

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Some quotations taken from the book:

“The tapestry of cultures need a story-teller to weave the underlying humanity and visualize to others. Walking through footprints of ‘others’ shares mutual understanding. It helps to conceptualize ‘oneness’ beyond our differences.” – Shiva Mojtabavi, Laurier Institution, Advisor for VAHMS, Endorser of Women Transforming Cities

“History is not always what it seems. Seldom do early immigrants have a voice in a meaningful way. Good luck to this worthwhile project.” – Jim Wong-Chu, Writer and Publisher at Ricepaper Magazine

“The museum is an essential idea waiting to happen. The material culture and artefacts of this migration combined with the histories – oral and documented will inspire generations.” – Ali Kazimi, Writer and Filmmaker

“It would be lovely to home this museum in Vancouver. All the best, God bless.” – Ravi Shankar Aisola, Consulate of India

“I would support the initiative to build the museum of migration on the west coast. I am an immigrant from Mexico and a believer in connecting cultures together… Soy Mexicana de Corazon y Canadiense en el alma.” – Leticia Sanchez, Sun-Yat Sen Classical Garden

“We all come from somewhere at one time or another except the First Nations Aboriginal people. We should [learn about] our own passages to Canada and also those of our ancestors. A museum like this certainly helps us to understand where are we from and how we settled in our adopted country which we call our home. Best wishes.” – Kelly and Maggie Ip, SUCCESS

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