PCHC-MoM Special Event

MVOH 2021 Returns With a Bigger Cast

Event: Multi Voices One Heart Cantonese Opera Benefit Concert

Day 1 : May 22 (Sat.)/ 2pm (HK ) l May 21 (Fri.)/ 11pm (PST)

Day 2: May 23 (Sun.)/ 2pm (HK) l May 22 (Sat.)/ 11pm (PST)

Last year due to COVID restrictions our annual trans-Pacific Cantonese opera project — Multi Voices Once Heart (MVOH) — went virtual and viral. Over two days during Asian Heritage Month, that marathon concert was live-streamed from a studio, reaching over 200,000 viewers globally!

Encouraged by the response from fans around the world, an even richer program – 25 songs by 13 professionals and 12 seasoned amateurs from both sides of the Pacific – will be offered in front of a limited audience in a theatre in Hong Kong, from where it will be live-streamed to the world in May again.

PCHC is delighted to be the co-presenter of such a popular program in North America, where Cantonese opera has taken deep roots, as this beloved performance art has migrated along with the people from South China since the 19th century. It has spread from the West Coast, and across the continent to the East Coast, as well as South to countries such as Cuba, Panama and Mexico. 

Included as part of the 25th explorASIAN festival in Vancouver to mark Asian Heritage Month, the MVOH 2021 Cantonese Opera Online & Offline Benefit Concert will be live-streamed as four shows over two days (May 22 & 23, HK time). PCHC-MoM will be providing information in English about the artists and songs closer to the time of the concert. Meanwhile, we are recruiting youth volunteer leaders to help us get this free gift of music to as many seniors as possible.

For now, please subscribe to either the MVOH Facebook page or YouTube channel below to ensure you won’t miss the concert:

MultiVoicesOneHeart 萬千聲音眾志一心Facebook Page 

MultiVoicesOneHeart萬千聲音众志一心YouTube 頻道

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