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Follow Up Webinar: Family History From a Distance

We are excited to invite you to this follow up webinar to Family History From a Distance, with PCHC-MoM Director Henry Yu! A great opportunity for both new and past participants to learn more about gathering and presenting your family migration stories, as well as learning how to overcome barriers and technical challenges. Conducted by Prof. Henry Yu, with small group discussions facilitated by PCHC directors.

Participants can critique each other’s unfinished products and make suggestions for improvement. Bring a family heirloom or a photo as a way to share the family/migration history you want to document!

This follow up webinar will take place July 25 2020, from 2:00PM – 3:00PM (PDT). Register for free on Eventbrite! Once registered, you will be forwarded helpful storytelling materials developed by UBC ACAM.

If you missed the past webinar, it is available to watch on our YouTube channel.

In proud partnership with UBC ACAM and INSTRCC at UBC

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