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MVOH 2020 Footage

Congratulations to the entire Multi Voices One Heart team on a successful Cantonese opera marathon! Missed it this weekend? You can still enjoy these beautiful performances on MVOH’s Facebook and Youtube! Be sure to share with your family, friends, and especially elders in isolation.

Visit the official MVOH website here for the free live-stream, program information, and more. You can directly support us here at PCHC-MoM Society by “liking” the MVOH video stream and Facebook page or by donating via Paypal here. We can’t wait to enjoy this amazing program with you this weekend!

Concert in five parts – Pacific Daylight Time (15 hrs behind HK):
Part I: Sat. (May 23) 12:30am 
Part II: Sat. (May 23) 5am
Part III: Sat. (May 23) 8pm
Part IV: Sat. (May 23) 11pm
Part V: Sunday (May 24) 1:30am

See below for the official poster and program:

MVOH 2020 Official Poster and Program (English available here)

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