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A Seat at the Table – Prof. Henry Yu

Video credit: Vancouver Historical Society

In case you missed it: watch PCHC-MoM Director Henry Yu’s talk “A Seat at the Table.” Professor Henry Yu, a member of the UBC History Department and Principal of St. John’s College, presents an overview of the systemic discrimination experienced by Chinese immigrants to Canada, mixing his own family’s story with the broader history of Vancouver’s, BC’s and Canada’s policies and regulations.

Prof. Yu is co-curator of an upcoming exhibit on Chinese-Canadian immigration entitled A Seat at the Table, opening soon at the Museum of Vancouver and in Chinatown. Many thanks to the Vancouver Historical Society for sharing this comprehensive overview of the Chinese in BC and a deeper understanding of the meaning of the official apologies. This talk perfectly exemplifies PCHC’s mandate, including recognizing the long history of Asian and other trans-Pacific migrations and promoting community-based stakeholders collaborations with institutions of higher education. To learn more about PCHC’s vision and values, click here!

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