And the winner is…

Canto & Rock

PCHC-MoM Society is pleased to support Son of James’  innovative modern Chinese Rock Opera — “Tale of The Eastside Lantern” — at the CBC Studio 700, Vancouver.  We have asked our Twitter followers to name a street in Vancouver Chinatown where there was a Cantonese Opera Theatre and the correct answers will be entered in a lucky draw for a pair of complimentary tickets to the show.

Here are the answers:

(1) Shanghai Alley: Sing Kew Theatre ( established in 1898);

(2) Keefer/Columbia: Sheng Ping Theatre (est. 1913); and

(3) Pender Street: Gao Sheng Theatre (est. 1914)

Shon Wong, Son of James, will be doing the draw and the winner will be announced on our Twitter page and contacted direct.

For more information about the show and to buy tickets, please visit:



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