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Powder, Paint, and Stories: PCHC-MoM at the Richmond Museum

Map and Compass

When you move across an ocean, what do you choose to carry, and what stories do you tell?

PCHC-MoM is excited to partner with the Richmond Museum to bring these questions to life through a weekend of arts and crafts, music, and storytelling on June 2-3 (11am-3pm), as part of Doors Open Richmond. We’re delighted to participate in this city-wide event, which will see 40-plus sites hosting events to celebrate the multitude of arts and cultures we enjoy within our communities.

Children and adults are warmly welcomed to visit the “Our Journeys Here” exhibit at the Richmond Museum and have fun learning, hearing and exploring immigration stories and objects. Activities are free and will run throughout the day on an ongoing basis, so drop by any time!

Richmond Museum Our Journeys Here


Explore “Powder and Paint” (with Museum Bento)
Saturday June 2 | 11am – 3pm

Richmond Museum, 7700 Minoru Gate

Painted opera lady

We’re collaborating with Museum Bento to present an interactive, hands-on learning experience about Cantonese opera and the immigrant experience to Vancouver through our “Powder and Paint” Museum Bento box. Explore the objects inside this box, including opera dolls, a model of an opera stage, and masks. Adults and children will discover the different aspects of this beloved art form, its history and importance to early Chinese immigrants, and its development in Vancouver.

You’ll also have a chance to make your own Cantonese opera mask to bring home with you! Supplies provided.

Reserve tickets here


Show and Share: The Things We Carry

Sunday June 3 | 11am – 4pm
Richmond Museum, 7700 Minoru Gate

Camera and suitcase.jpeg

What do we carry with us when we move to a foreign country? Whether it’s a musical instrument, piece of clothing, or artistic object, many of the things we bring with us hold special resonance and serve as important reminders of where we are from.

Listen to our volunteer storytellers as they show you what they chose to pack on their journeys here. Share in open conversations about their migration stories, and (re-)discover the incredible, diverse heritage of people who made their way to where we live today.

Would you like to be one of our volunteer storytellers and share your migration story? To sign up or find out more, please email our Event Planning and Program Assistant, Fion Yi, at

We can’t wait to hear the stories you’ll bring!

Reserve tickets here

Miniature school bus

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