PCHC Block by Block team

BxB Vancouver team

Tineke, Dominique, Angela, Ricahrd, Winnie, Gracia & Maggie

Congrats to Richard, Dominique & Angela for joining the national oral history team of Block by Block!

PCHC-MoM Society, in partnership with the Toronto Ward Museum, is pleased to announce that Richard Liu, Dominique Bautista and Angela Ho have been selected to work on the national oral history project called Block by Block, which is a Canada 150 project. The Vancouver team will be conducting an oral history project in Strathcona, one of the oldest neighbourhoods where generations of immigrants first built their homes. This photo shows the Vancouver team with PCHC-MoM Directors Tineke Hellwig & Winnie Cheung, posing with Gracia Dyer Jalea, instigator of this project & Founding E.D. of the Toronto Ward Museum, and Maggie Hutcheson of the Department of Public Memory at the annual gala dinner of CCHSBC, during which the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association (SPOTA) was honoured. If you are interested in this project, pleased contact Regional Coordinator Richard Liu.

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