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Official Federal Apology for the Komagata Maru Incident

On May 18th, our Vice President Harbhajan Gill travelled to Ottawa to the House of Commons, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered an official apology for  the Komagata Maru Incident of 1914, where hundreds of Sikh, Muslim, and Hindu passengers were denied entry to Canada and were forced to sit in the harbour for months, before ultimately being turned away to return to India. There awaited an ultimately violent fate that could have been prevented if not for the discriminatory Anti-Asian laws in Canada.

Vice President of PCHC Harbhajan Gill, who also works as President of the Komagata Maru Heritage Foundation, is pictured here with Premier Christy Clark and Tejpal Sandu’s family in Ottawa. We hope that this apology has brought attention to Canadians the importance of remembering our history, and that our Prime Minister has heeded our words and our dream after this visit  — we need a Museum of Migration to house stories like these, so that they are remembered and passed on through generations.



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