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Family History with a Smartphone Workshop #1 Photos

Thanks to all that came out to our first workshop of “Family History with a Smartphone!” On Sunday, April 17th, participants gathered at the Asian Centre Auditorium at UBC and learned about framing, lighting, and audio; the workshop also got into family stories and the ethics that go into filmmaking, and participants began to draft their own family films.

If you missed the last workshop, don’t worry! Just try and gather some rough footage to start a family film, and come back to our next workshop at the Asian Centre Auditorium on Saturday, May 14th at 1:00pm to learn about post-production — learn the skills to edit your footage together, and where to go from there! If you have any questions in between, message <> and we will help you out!

Special Thanks to: Partner UBC Asian Library, Facilitators Sarah Ling and Joanna Yang, Presenter Dominique Bautista, and the student volunteers from the UBC Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies Program.


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