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Banquet of Stories Videos

Videos from A Banquet of Stories are now available in three parts!

On September 26, 2015, the PCHC-MoM Society held “A Banquet of Stories” an afternoon that brought together diverse communities to share stories inspired by food and migration.

The Pacific Canada Heritage Centre – Museum of Migration (PCHC – MoM) Society is a non-profit society incorporated in 2011 to build a wider and improved understanding of Canada’s history and growth through intercultural explorations of historic and current trans-Pacific immigration.

Our mission is to establish a Museum of Migration at a site of historical significance for Canadians whose families first arrived in Canada through its western portals, and to create a supporting national research network for an interdisciplinary and more inclusive interpretation of Canada’s history.

The PCHC- Museum of Migration will be a hub where Canadians can engage with each other to understand past and current relationship between immigrants and host communities, including their interaction with First Nations peoples, and where families will be able to research their family history and share their stories.

Thanks to Partners: Gigi Astudillo, Canada Indonesia Diaspora Society, Sunita Jangra, Hyoshin Kim, Kumare Bakery, Eric Lau, O! Taho, The Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society, the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, V3 Group, Women Transforming Cities

Thanks to videographers Ryan Erwin, Hubertine Paramagita, and Jean Tsai

Thanks to Special Guests for attending: Elder Larry Grant of the Musqueam band, NDP Candidate Amandeep Nijjar, Green Party Candidate Elain Ng, Deputy Mayor of Vancouver Andrea Reimer, Minister of National Defence and Liberal MP Harjit Sajjan, and Conservative Party Candidate Wai Young

Part I: Intro and Three Stories

0:00-0:49 Introduction

0:49-1:47 “Shadow Self” – Ellen Woodsworth speaks on the Japanese influence and culture in her family

1:48-5:08 “Pinakbet: the Ingredients of Migration” – Joel Castillo discusses the Filipino dish and how it represents migration to Canada

5:09-9:07 “Miyeoguk: The Scent and Taste of Home” – Hyoshin Kim discusses her personal emotions and experiences regarding the Korean dish

Part II: Two Stories

0:00-3:05 “Chili Satay Noodles: From Refugee to Restaurant Owner” – Dieu Kim Tran recounts her experience as a Vietnamese refugee to settling in Canada to open her restaurant

3:05-7:06 “Rice and Potatoes: A Blending of Cultures” – Joy Masuhara discusses her father’s story of migration from Japan to Canada and back, and the different experiences of different Japanese-Canadians

Part III: Conclusion, Credits, and Acknowledgments



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