PCHC-MoM Family History Archives

Archive Your Family Story with PCHC-MoM


PCHC-MoM is now open for submissions for family history archiving! If you would like to share a family story for PCHC-MoM to keep on file and archive for the Museum of Migration, please submit your story in this form. Once approved by PCHC-MoM’s Family Stories Committee, we will (with your permission and approval) go through an editing process, and will send you the final draft for your approval. We will then keep your story on file for the future museum.

Any information submitted will be confidential and for PCHC-MoM use only until the Museum of Migration has opened. We provide the option to publish your story on our website and social media, but we will only publish if we are given your explicit permission.

If you have any photographs to include with your story, please submit JPG files to Marketing and Event Coordinator Eleanor Munk at <pchcmom.intern@gmail.com>. Please provide description of the photos including the place and date they were taken.

Any inquiries can be directed to <pchcmom.intern@gmail.com>.

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