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BC Multicultural Inspirational Talks

We had a great time at the BC Multicultural Inspirational Talks at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, where our President Winnie Cheung spoke about her mother and daughter in her wonderful and poetic speech “From One Generation to Another”. Winnie discussed family, history, migrants, and the power of the narrative, as well as PCHC-MoM’s dream to build a Museum of Migration to house these narratives.

We were honoured to have attended this series of talks, as it was so inspiring to hear stories from people that have dedicated their lives to promote multiculturalism and fight against discrimination. Other speakers included: Deirdre Heim of Afro News, speaking on the importance of embracing diversity in our mosaic democracy, Bruce Curtis from the Community Justice Centre, with his speech “Diversity is our Drum, Compassion our Heartbeat”, and Jorge Salazar of the Vancouver Foundation, with his talk “Reflecting on Youth Engagement, Race, and Migration”. Thank you to all the speakers for your great passion!

Following the talks a dinner was held to celebrate the winners of the BC Multicultural Awards. Congratulations to PCHC-MoM’s Director and Treasurer Dr. Henry Yu for his well-earned award in the Individual Category!

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